About Us

ATOS Pharma, founded in 1986 as the phytopharmaceutical branch of SEKEM, manufactures and markets an array of natural medicines and healthcare products of superior quality for effective causal treatment combined with maximum tolerability.

ATOSPharma LaboratyATOS Pharma is a pioneer Phyto-Pharmaceutical Egyption company which adopts the concept of natural healing by enhancing the body’s own healing forces using natural remedies from herbal extracts, dietary supplements and orthomolecular medicine. In the process of all illnesses there are energetic and bio-chemical imbalances either in the form of deficiencies of vital substances or accumulation of harmful metabolites, which in turn disrupt the health state of the human being. ATOS Pharma products are basically aiming to heal the whole person rather than just suppressing the symptoms of diseases, in accordance with this principle ATOS Pharma is manufacturing its whole range of products to offer a more comprehensive natural method of treatment for a variety of diseases through regaining the balance of the human being as a whole. 

Vision & Mission

Main Gate Of ATOSPharma Company

ATOS Pharma is committed to a leadership position in the field of natural products with special emphasis on phytopharmaceuticals.
We will continuously develop and launch safe, effective products that provide consumers in the MENA region with the highest possible quality of life.
We offer our costumers a deep understanding of their needs, our shareholders the highest possible return on their investment, our employees a room for development, growth, and career satisfaction, our suppliers a long term relation that builds on shared success, our community a strong sense of belonging and commitment to its core values.