Sustainability Aspects

ATOS Pharma, as part of the SEKEM Group, is working with the 4 dimenions of sustainable development, striving for economical, ecological, cultural and societal development.

Four Dimensions of Sustainable Development at ATOS Pharma
SEKEM was founded by Dr. Ibrahim Abouleish in 1977 and is located about 60 km northeast of Cairo in rural Egypt. In 2003, the SEKEM Initiative was honored with the Right Livelihood Award for its holistic business model which integrates societal and cultural dimensions and thereby successfully supports sustainable development. With the practices of biodynamic agriculture, Dr. Abouleish turned desert land into fertile soils. Today, these soils form the very basis for the successful cultivation of herbs, fruits and vegetables. The raw materials are further processed by the companies of the SEKEM to create high quality food, clothes and medicines, which are sold on the national and international market. The returns of these companies are partly reinvested into the social and cultural activities.
Today, the SEKEM Development Foundation runs a school, a medical center, a vocational training center,various programs for socially disadvantaged children and several research and training programs. Furthermore, the foundation is currently engaged in establishing the Heliopolis University for sustainable developmentSEKEMs approach to sustainable development unites social, cultural and economic components interacting in harmony with nature.
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